White-Capped Pionus

White-capped pionus parrots are actually stunning, curious, smart birds that may make superb dogs for the right people. Nonetheless, not everybody is actually effectively matched to maintain among these birds, particularly looking at that they can easily reside for 30 years or even additional. The littlest of the 8 pionus types, it is spirited for a pionus, yet still laid back compared to various other parrots, like Amazons, macaws, or cockatoos.

Types Overview
USUAL NAMES: White-capped pionus, white-cap pionus, white-crowned pionus, white-crowned parrot

TAXONOMIC NAME: Pionus seniors

ADULT SIZE: 9 to 10 ins, head to tail; examining between 7 as well as 8 ounces

LONGEVITY: 30 years

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Source and History

The white-capped pionus is native to the rainforests and also woodlands of Central America and also Mexico. Generally, they reside in rainforests and heavy development, nesting in hollow tree torsos and also palms. Found in flocks of concerning one lots birds, these are peaceful and also mostly quiet creatures.


White-capped pionus are actually recognized to become comical and lively, and also sweet, affectionate little bit of birds. They are dazzling and take well to training when their proprietors are persistent and also consistent. When offered social communication and mental stimulation from playing and also discovering techniques, these parrots flourish.

These birds usually tend to obtain reluctant around strangers. Around their owners, they as if to hang out on upper arms or even shoulders, dance, participating in, and expecting a possibility to make an activity out of stealing products like pens or even switches. They have a tendency to acquire affixed to a single person whom they count on the best.

When it is actually out of the crate, you will possess to always keep a shut eye on this bird. It has a notoriously interested attributes and can easily get into trouble if not carefully monitored.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

Like other pionus parrots, the white-capped birds possess a credibility and reputation for being actually somewhat quieter than various other hookbill parrots and also make a wonderful apartment or condo bird. Nevertheless, a houseful of shouting children, howling dogs, and blasting televisions may easily educate the sedate pionus to be loud.

They do have the ability to talk, yet commonly clam up around those they may not be acquainted with. Pionus are actually certainly not the most ideal talkers, but some possess an excellent vocabulary. Their speaking voice isn’t regularly crystal clear and also is actually frequently a little raspy, but an owner may commonly construct what their bird is actually pointing out. Often, they are going to learn a few basic phrases like their name, the title of people in your home, as well as are going to duplicate more popular sounds like whistles, murmurs, beeps, and also pet sounds.

White-capped Pionus Colors as well as Markings

Matched up to grownups, adolescent white-capped pionus are drab and also dull appearing. As youthful birds, this component aids maintain them masked from killers in the wild.

Mature adult white-capped pionus are actually mainly fresh and dark blue. It possesses yellow-green mends on their shoulders, and as along with all pionus, reddish plumes on the bottom of their rears.

The white-capped pionus is actually a monomorphic species, implying it is impossible to say to guys from the females based upon appeals alone. This bird calls for a genetics exam or even a surgical sexing procedure to figure out sex.

Caring for the White-capped Pionus

Cages utilized to house Amazons appropriate for white-capped pionus parrots. Consider a crate that goes to the very least 4 feets tall and 4 feet long by 2 feets broad. Bar space must be actually no higher 3/4-inch.

Pionus parrots may make a hissing sound when terrified or even excited, which an owner might error for a clinical problem. Pionus also produce a musky or even wonderful smell that some sitters find unpleasant, yet others like.

Common Health Problems

Pionus parrots are at risk to fungal diseases, intuitional gout pain (a kidney contamination), as well as aspergillosis, which is indicated by hefty, complicated breathing. They might likewise lean to vitamin An insufficiency.

Diet plan and also Nutrition

In the wild, pionus parrots consume fruits, berries, seeds, blossoms, and corn. In captivity, white-capped pionus should be actually supplied a high quality seed and also pellet mix, along with a variety of fresh foods items like bird-safe fruits and veggies. White-capped pionus love eating corn, especially corn on the cob, therefore make sure to make it a regular snack food for these lovely birds.

Occupying your bird with new meals is certainly not just nutritionally favorable, but it likewise uses necessary mental excitement for your feathery good friend. You can give them an infinite amount of pellet meals; they will merely eat what they need. When it comes to clean fruit products as well as veggies, provide about a 1/8 to 1/4 cup in the early morning as well as at night.

Physical exercise

All pionus parrots are actually energetic birds and require 3 to 4 hours of physical exercise beyond the cage every day to keep well-balanced. This bird will certainly need a gigantic crate or aviary to receive enough physical exercise if you can easily certainly not provide outside-of-cage opportunity.

This exercise needs to occur in a secure, bird-proofed area along with windows closed, ceiling fans shut off, and also other in the house creatures removed. Oversee playtime to ensure that your bird does not get into anything that could be otherwise unsafe or even hazardous. A playpen is ideal for outside-of-cage play. Playthings can include climbing up ropes, chains, alarms, parrot swings, and timber or even other bird toys.

Where to Adopt or Buy a White-capped Pionus

Before delivering this bird residence, browse through along with nearby bird breeders or an aviculture community in your region. Talk to folks that have adventure rearing these birds. Observe the birds and also discover firsthand what it’s like to cope with a white-capped pionus on a daily manner. White-capped pionus are actually commonly readily available from bird breeders and some avian specialty shops. They are actually periodically readily available coming from avian saving companies. These birds can set you back about $400 to $900. Some adoptings or even rescues that may have white-capped pionus consist of:

  • Birds Now
  • Take on a Pet
  • Hoobly

If you’re going the breeder course, make certain that the breeder is professional through asking them how much time they’ve been multiplying white-capped pionus parrots. Carefully check a bird just before taking it home. A healthy bird is alert, active, has vivid eyes, well-maintained feathers, and also complete crops.

White-capped pionus parrots are actually attractive, interested, smart birds that can easily bring in exceptional family pets for the right individuals. The smallest of the eight pionus species, it is spunky for a pionus, however still laid back compared to various other parrots, like Amazons, macaws, or even cockatoos.

White-capped pionus are understood to be tough as well as absurd, as properly as wonderful, loving little birds. White-capped pionus affection consuming corn, especially corn on the cob, therefore create certain to produce it a regular treat for these charming birds.

White-capped pionus are typically offered from bird breeders and also some avian specialized stores.